READ FIRST Why should YOU be interested in the Leurig Library and Legal

Please read the page Leurig Library guidelines, hints and legal for your responsibility signing on to this website and my commitment.

Why Should you be interested in the Leurig Library?

The biggest reason is you, your parents, your children, and family are probably in this website or will be in the future.

However, that question and answer are up to each of you.

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Getting ready for 2021 and beyond


My initial efforts for this website were from 2016 to 2018. Those were busy years for setting up this website covering the Leurig Library.  Time was spent changing media on the front of the web page to give the character of material included in the Library.  A number of posts have been written for posting in later years.  Research is ongoing on how to best present the material.

Photos and media have been stored on primary and backup servers, but still need to be titled and edited as part of a larger project in order to be shown on the Library site.  Progress was made, but now is the time to put all of this into action.

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