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Why Should you be interested in the Leurig Library?

The biggest reason is you, your parents, your children, and family are probably in this website or will be in the future.

However, that question and answer are up to each of you.

In thinking of my passions, interests, and thoughts I would like to write, and the digitizing of photos, videos, ephemera, documents, stories, genealogy, and history, various ideas were considered. I also considered the short time I have left to record and provide information.  Some possibilities were

— Could try copying everything and giving family members a copy, but that is huge costs and some do not care for any of these things and would miss those who are coming into our lives.
—  Could upload the items to a site and let anyone who wants to sift through it all, but that is a lot of work and many would lose interest quickly.
— Could try to tie all of this together at websites describing the items and record genealogy information.

The real desire is for any family member of the Leurig, Fye, Kane families to have access to documents, photos, videos, memorabilia, and stories.  Any family member can access the Library without my being concerned if media is distributed correctly.  Hopefully, future generations can find family history as the storage locations should be there for a long time. And hopefully, after I am gone someone will keep the websites.

Please read my thinking on the page at the top of the website About My Passions, Addictions, and the Leurig Library  and About Louis Richard (Dick) Leurig for my conclusion and answer.

LEURIG LIBRARY is the answer

The “Leurig Library” is the result of this introspection. was selected for storage of materials to be saved after I am gone. I will provide links to files, videos, photos, and materials on this permanent site through links.

A separate website, for the Leurig and extended families, contains the genealogy and family stories at

Why call it a “library”?
Thinking about the many aspects of libraries I have been responsible for managing or involved in through the years I take a broad view of the functions of libraries.  I prefer to think of libraries as learning centers containing depositories of information, stories of life in the past, present, and future, and the sharing of viewpoints.

The “Leurig Library” has these features. In order to give the library a function for identification the subtitle is”Life and Learning”.

Enjoy the Library, and yes, a discussion is allowed as the “Quiet Please” signs have been removed.  But, please, civil discussion only!


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