What is in the Leurig Library

A Library has many facets and dimensions in our changing world.  Books are an important part as always, but libraries today are learning centers taking advantage of on-line information, periodicals, group discussions, various media, and a place for intellectual discourse, and fun events.

The Leurig Library is primarily a digital library with media, ephemera, books, and personal stories that hopefully will be useful to the Leurig and our related families.  Collections include references to other sites, items I feel are important or applicable, history, and opinions.

Disclosure: Of course the Library has my personal slant on many items and comments. At times I will note opinions to separate from facts, while leaving enough information for you to judge.  Or, perhaps I will not give you a hint as might be a mixture!
Librarians may not like to admit it, but this is what they do in public libraries. I should have the same option in my library, at least at the first posting before it becomes a library  item for everyone’s comment.

Because I have wide interests in life and learning, the topics and categories will change over time. One of my goals is to pass on information I have gathered.  And my wish is that you (and I) are able to:


Another goal is to consider life as it was in years past, is now being lived, and thoughts of how the future generations might live their lives.

Perhaps some topic will catch your fancy to learn more through our shared material, education, and enjoyment. It is not just my library and my ideas, but belongs to the family.

Cookbook, recipes, and home crafts is anticipated to be a large section including original hand written notes.  My book reviews and movie reviews give my reactions and recommendations.  Both of these are separate sections.  The family photos and videos described in the library have links allowing readers to view and copy.

A lot to cover

— Family Videos — Hollywood movies — TV shows (old) — Family Photos
— Stamp Collecting — Freemason — Religion — Texas — Pens
— New Mexico — Native American — Genealogy — Technology —
Forecasting and future — Illinois — Ohio — Rest of the states — Travel
Books — Magazines — Newspapers — Water and springs — Theater —
Sports — Art — Europe (mainly Germany) — Games
— Hummels and Dept 56 — Heirlooms — Politics — Geology related —
Quilting and sewing — Oddities — Scouting — Puzzles — Financial
——— And a number of other oddball hobbies and interests ——-