Leurig Library guidelines, hints, and legal

 This page covers what might be called the FAQ page although not presented in a question and answer format.   Readers agree with the guidelines and legal terms by using this website.

The overall intent of this site if to disseminate facts, information, and at times opinions.  The principal audience is family members, although there may be other interested readers.  “Family members” are anyone with two generation relationship to a direct ancestor or descendant of my Leurig, Fye, or Kane individuals (child and grandchild).

Most of the material and media is original from the possessions of Louis Richard Leurig.  However, some have come from family members,  or of unknown sources.  If known, credit is given; if unknown it has become part of the library with no intent to deny copyright or ownership.

Adding to the library

Please add any photos, videos, writings, comments, writings or thoughts to the library for sharing with others.


  • Based on the legal statement, the material in the library can be reused.   By default, readers  using this  agree with the guidelines and legal terms.
  • Postings are anticipated to be made at least every two weeks.  There will be a summary of the postings especially if a number of subjects. Older postings are archived.
  • Please sign-in as it is helpful to know who is reading the site and for notifications.  However, sign-in is not required to read material on the site unless specifically stated.  Sign-in approval may be required for viewing some documents, photos, and videos.


  • To look at larger images, click on the blue link under the image usually on “Leurig Library”.  Images are stored at Forever.com and that site does not require a sign-in if using the provided link and does not require additional input.
  • Other links shown with blue text are for other locations in this site, for other internet sites, YouTube, or documents.  Hint, if want to stay on the page and have the link open in a separate tab or window, right click on the link.
  • Tags are provided to assist finding specific subjects.  Please note the tags are limited so if a subject is not shown on the tag there still may be stories or material within individual posts.


While this site is for the general use of family members as described in the guidelines, I am advised it is best to have a legal statement. This is the same as on all my websites. So, Fine Print at the bottom.  Or if on a TV commercial would be two seconds of rapid fire reading.

The contents, photos, documents, and writing on this Leurig Library webpage and blog are copyright 2016 and each following year by Louis Richard Leurig. Facts are facts and cannot be under copyright, but presentation of the facts and writing are copyrighted. Posts containing quotes, photos, references, or other public material from other individuals, websites, or documents remain their copyright. Material, including photos and videos, should be assumed to be the property of Louis Richard Leurig unless otherwise noted; the exception being when sourced or referenced to other sites, or from unknown sources.  Unknown sources could be material out of copyright, copies in my possession without source information, or under fair use policy and practices; if these sources become known, I will include at a later date as there is no intent to violate copyright. Photos and other materials given to me, posted on Facebook or other media, or provided to me in physical or digital form by family or others are included in the library copyright unless covered by other copyright.

The material is provided "as is" and is for information only, representing the views and writings of Louis Richard Leurig unless reference is given to views of others. The accuracy of information is not guaranteed.  Unless specifically noted, family members and readers are granted the right to reuse comments, photos, and materials provided it is for non-commercial use, does not use other copyrighted material, and is referenced as copyright Louis Richard Leurig at www.leuriglibrary.com.

Louis Richard Leurig   May 7, 2016; updated December 23, 2017