Getting ready for 2021 and beyond


My initial efforts for this website were from 2016 to 2018. Those were busy years for setting up this website covering the Leurig Library.  Time was spent changing media on the front of the web page to give the character of material included in the Library.  A number of posts have been written for posting in later years.  Research is ongoing on how to best present the material.

Photos and media have been stored on primary and backup servers, but still need to be titled and edited as part of a larger project in order to be shown on the Library site.  Progress was made, but now is the time to put all of this into action.

However there were setbacks. Attempting to include so many interests in the library resulted in re-thinking how to maintain the library.    My activities were cut back due to cancer treatments resulting in further delays.  Another setback occurred when I fell and shattered my femur resulting in months of recovery. Then other medical issues early in 2021.

Now I am 9o and if the website is to be useful I need to keep it going as long as I keep going.
So a decision was made to revamp the site starting kate in 2021 or at least when I turn 91 in 2022.

This is a companion to  That website concentrates on family history and genealogy, with relevant material referenced in the Leurig Library.

My task the coming years is to coordinate the two sites to provide information and data to anyone interested in the Leurig, Fye, Kane families. Because this is a new venture, changes are  anticipated as the learning curve of how to best present the stories, media, photos, videos, and hobbies.

Please visit for genealogy and family history information.

These are ambitious undertakings, especially at my age, and I invite you to join me on the journey as I wander through our families, interests, and lives.
Although I have wandered around in getting this underway, the quote below gives me solace

.“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Louis Richard December 23, 2017



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